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Tony Mckenzie & Alan Bruce

incredible new music from Tony Mckenzie & Alan Bruce...

Mckenzie & Bruce - Two Great Musicians

ordinary to ex·traor·di·nar·y


Tony Mckenzie has been playing music for a long time... and over the years has recorded and produced some great rock albums. They often feature some incredible guitar work so you can bet that when you listen to Tony's music it will always be guitar based rock of varying styles from simple blues, through rock and occasionally visiting the darker side of metal. While Tony may look like Lars from Metallica so some say... the reality is that the nearest he gets to being a drummer is programming. Tony also independently reviews guitarists music gear and offers on his YouTube channel a no holds barred insight in to musical equipment. You might also like his website

Alan Bruce and Tony met some years ago while recording a band called Road Runner that Alan was a member of at the time. They later decided to team up together and with Alan's incredible bass playing and great rock vocals (he plays guitar too) it is a great match of musicians that have created some really amazing music. Some years ago Alan too suffered at the hands of cancer but thankfully like Tony he also overcame the problems of that time and he is now completely cured. Alan also plays in other bands in clubs and pubs and bars as a successful live musician.

Both Tony and Alan work well together - some albums Tony writes the music and Alan writes the lyrics, but also on other albums Alan writes some of the music and all lyrics. In any case when you have listened to their music there is absolutely no guessing that its these guys - and that's a really great ability when you can tell from the music exactly who the musicians are, you only need to listen to Hendrix, Santana, Satriani, Vai or a host of musicians that we can all tell purely from their music and the way they sound.

This album is around two years late - delayed because Tony suffered from prostate cancer (he's now completely cured) and has overcome those hurdles involved in life.

Always get checked every two years for prostate cancer if you're over 39 - it could save your life.

Gravity Waves - Its Wave Time...

The Gravity Waves music CD started to become a reality back towards the end of 2012. The idea came from the fact that gravity and time are somehow inextricably linked together and any one ingredient affects the other and everything around it in a massive way. Time, as humans know it, is but a dot in the reality of everything that has lasted forever and through our eyes we see short term events that are remembered until we don't exist any longer. But that's not really time & gravity. Even before the 'big bang' some theorists will say there was nothing... but that is completely guess work and who knows what was there before that? no one! Maybe, just maybe, gravity waves are the all encompassing power that is invisible but has shaped time since before the end of never.

So when you listen to 'Gravity Waves' and the tracks on the CD you will notice that many of the tracks relate to specific events that have passed and are now 'stuck' in our memories - only to be passed on in written word or verbally. We can bet that most guys reading this can remember when they were very young and wanted to go out 'to play' but it was raining and you were stopped by your parents... so you looked out of the window at those rainy days? That memory will be stuck with you and you will never forget it - 'Rainy Days' was written from that time and memory. It is this 'fixing of the events in time' effected by gravitational waves that was the original concept for Gravity Waves from Tony Mckenzie and Alan Bruce.

The music can simply be whatever you want it to be... whether you like the idea of Gravity Waves or not as a concept all of the music stands on its own and if the album had been called something else then each piece of music would have been equally valid.

So check out Gravity Waves the CD and don't forget to check those other albums - 'Berner Street' from Mckenzie and Bruce from 2008 and 'Eniac' from Tony Mckenzie in 2007 because all three albums have some great music on there - especially if you like guitar!

Always remember it is best to buy music directly from the artists when you can which helps to cut out the 'blood suckers' who usually make all the money and leave the artists worse than before they made the music for you in the first place. However, if you insist then just buy these from iTunes or one of those other sites out there; these albums are on most if not all of them for sale.  


Buyer comments:

Hi Tony,

Just to let you know i recieved them today, i'm listing to gravity waves as i write this, really enjoying itit really is excellent work. Even my 78year old mother said it was lovely, and she's not your normal 78 year old mother, her favorite guitarists include ;Gary Moore, Peter Green, Jason Becker, Ritchie Blackmore, Mario Parga, Buckethead, Hendrix, Clapton and Yngwie Malmsteen,and now you, so you are in very esteemed company ! :) Steve


I just finished listening to all 3 of your cd's Tony, and I must say that your guitar playing skills are phenomenal! Also - great tip for the Strat!

Glyn Jones
just to say, having given the album Gravity Waves a play through  around 3 -4 times now im finding that gravity is pulling me to replay tracks 1-3-4 -9-12. There are some interesting bits and peices in most of the tracks and well worth a listen, good luck with the album. regards G.


Thomas Golden:

Tony Mckenzie's new Album (in collaboration with his friend Alan Bruce), Gravity Waves is a deep, multilayered composition of positive energies. The artwork (like the music) on an album cover, is brilliant and hypnotic is an understatement. The music is superb. You are swept along each song like a breath of fresh air. It's quite refreshing that when we listen into another ones music,  our own experiences are reflected in the mirrors of another's soul. Each piece is part of a whole. Every track is an immense drink of life's experiences. The good, the bad and the best parts of ones own life journey, is very capably shown here in this inspiring record.

Check it out. Thomas D Golden September 2016




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