Meet Tony Mckenzie & Alan Bruce



About us - meet these guys

We have been playing together for a long time! Since back in 2006 when we started to record the Eniac album but check below for more info...

  1. Eniac 2007
  2. Berner Street 2008
  3. Gravity Waves 2016
  4. Greatest Bits coming soon

Short Bio About Tony Mckenzie

Tony Mckenzie started playing before he visited the last great music festivals in the UK at the end of the 60’s. He often went to see live bands, many now legends in their own right - classic today but at the time groundbreaking musicians such as Led Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Queen, Charlie, Ten Years After, Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, Santana and a host of others way too long to mention here. Find out more


Short Bio About Alan Bruce

Alan Bruce began started playing music back in the 70’s as a teenager wanting to emulate his then hero Marc Bolan. Alan learned how to play a 12 bar, taught by an older friend named Andy, whose brother played bass in a band called Alan Avon & the Toyshop, who had supported Black Sabbath in their early days. The first song he learned to play was “Down the Dust pipe” by Status Quo - a twelve bar boogie. Learn more

Because both Tony and Alan have had years of writing and playing music the Gravity Waves album has a vast mix of different styles of music. Both musicians have played blues, modern blues, rock, heavy metal, instrumental rock and even metal from time to time. While Tony has always related to electric guitar, Alan has extensive experience with lyrics and bass guitar but can also play guitar too. This combination of all the musical abilities that they have has created the gravity waves album. Look forward to some great music and remember to turn it up loud or it's just not the same.