Berner Street - The Album

 Tony Mckenzie & Alan Bruce

Rated by Francis Dunnery of IT BITES - 'Berner Street - Stunning, the most original album I heard in twenty years' - Rock based music that encompasses the spirit of one of the most elusive serial killers of all time. FEEL Jack the Ripper as you listen.
Genre: Rock: Modern Rock
Release Date: 








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Here are a few recent independent reviews:

Review of "Kathy" by unique 3.0

"Kathy" reviewed by UNIQ

The intro is cool. Sound like the beginning of a series for one of those vampire series. It has that dark gloomy feel to it. Which is not a bad thing. You can not feel happy all the time. I was not really feeling the key change. It kind of didn't go with the mood i thought song started with. But we all create differently. So don't think i slamming the song. I like the flow of the instruments. Like that guitar play. The instrument slows are real cool. Gets you in this vibe. Its cool. Good job guys

California, United States


Review of "Kathy" by rozichandbrailsford 3.0

I like the idea of the song for sure. I like the guitars, the mix is ok but I think it is this site or my computer speakers that compromise so its all good. Very Maynard in Tool as far as vox go. I dig it.

Michigan, United States


Review of "Kathy" by auditorsdomination 4.0


cool track!

, Greece


Review of "Kathy" by joelucero 4.0

pretty good man.

Colorado, United States


Recently rated by Francis Dunnery of IT BITES - Quote: 'Berner Street - Stunning, the most original album I heard in twenty years' - and Francis knows a thing or two about music!

Welcome to a completely new musical experience that we know you will never have been part of. The development of the Berner Street album has taken over two years to conclude, involving a huge amount of Research & Development so that the CD could be a 'completely off the record' method of actually solving the puzzle on the CD based on the Jack the Ripper case from the music.

The music is awesome rock in it's own right, but from there on in you are on an adventure like no other. Examples of the music on CDBABY don't really do this album justice, so check out some of the listening samples from other download sites such as iTunes or Amazon.


Simply BUY the BERNER STREET CD and solve the crime of the millennium to win $10,000 (£5000.00) - the answer to the puzzle is achieved by listening to the music. Download versions cannot enter the contest - but the music is stands on it's own anyway - listen and you will see what we mean... If you like rock - you will like this music. Please note that the prize has now expired so while you just might solve the puzzle the prize has now been withdrawn with no winner.

All you have to do for the contest is listen carefully to the Berner Street CD (music and media) to find the answers to the Puzzle.

Just enter your solution at with the special code found inside the CD Cover and If you are the first correct entry you will receive the prize. There is only ONE Prize with no alternative prize.

Tony Mckenzie and Alan Bruce are established musicians who have been playing for years and the musical and other content is unsurprisingly of very high quality. Mckenzie and Bruce utilized many technologies in the making of this cd and solution so remember - nothing is as it may seem.