Gravity Waves - The Album

 Tony Mckenzie & Alan Bruce

What an amazing time it has been in developing Gravity Waves... it all started out back in 2012. Well the truth is things were being recorded before then and in some cases back much further. But when you develop an idea it all can take some time. Gravity Waves was scheduled to release in 2014 but had to be delayed because of various health issues.


Once those problems were out of the way then it has been full steam ahead to get Gravity Waves turned in to a reality.

Starting back in the times of the Eniac album (recorded from 2006 and released in 2007) some tracks existed in their basic format and just needed some work to bring them up to being great tracks and believe it or not 'Taipei Girl' was written around those times. The original concept of that track went all the way back to 1985 inspired from a visit to Taiwan.

But there was much more music that had been left spread over many multitrack devices (around 7) that had to be located and completed.

Thankfully Gravity Waves is now complete and we have had a great time in making this music for you. As someone once said, think of this album as being like well worn leather, supple but very strong and certainly of you like laid back blues, instrumental or regular rock or some metal then you might well really get to like Gravity Waves.

The album is digitally recorded rendering the highest quality sounds and was mixed down using a Yamaha O2R96 desk and later mastered with izotope 7 mastering software that includes some of the best mastering tools around right now.

Below is a track list of Gravity Waves which comprises of 16 tracks with just 5 seconds to spare with a CD made to red book standards for the world. Alas there are at least three other tracks we could have included but we decided to save those for a 'Greatest Bits' album and will offer those as bonus tracks in the future.

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Gravity Waves:

1    Gravity Waves
2    Before the End of Never
3    Trail of Tears
4    Taipei Girl
5    God Particle
6    Al's Blues
7    112
8    Crying Out
9    Koan
10  Protector
11 Rainy Days
12 Time Theory
13 Chasing Gravity
14 Beside Myself
15 Opto Miss Trick
16 Dark Matter

Each track on Gravity Waves tells a story. Sometimes that story is not always obvious, but each subject is 'stuck' in time in one way or another with gravity and time closely related in some strange way that is not even yet fully understood by scientists. Suffice to say we decided to offer you just a few examples.

Trail of Tears... depicts a particular time and native American Indians. Those who know all about that story simply know about it through history - everyone from that time is long gone so the story, while being handed down many generations to come is literally 'stuck' there with no place to go. Once you think of things in this way it might be clearer to understand Gravity Waves and its concept.

Rainy Days... This really relates to boys. Can you remember when you were young (say 5 or 6) and you wanted to go out to play but your parents would not let you because it was raining? Most guys will remember sitting by the window watching the rain and hoping that it will stop anytime soon so they could go out to play. It's etched in your memory forever by time, but it was gravity that pulled the rain to earth..

Suffice to say most music on Gravity Waves will mean different things to different listeners and some will just take it as the music it is intended - to be listened to!

So crank up that volume and listen to Gravity Waves - there is music on the CD for everyone.

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Current purchasers comments on the Gravity Waves album:

Hi Tony,

Just to let you know i recieved them today, i'm listing to gravity waves as i write this, really enjoying itit really is excellent work. Even my 78year old mother said it was lovely, and she's not your normal 78 year old mother, her favorite guitarists include ;Gary Moore, Peter Green, Jason Becker, Ritchie Blackmore, Mario Parga, Buckethead, Hendrix, Clapton and Yngwie Malmsteen,and now you, so you are in very esteemed company ! :) Steve


MrMongo321  -  I just finished listening to all 3 of your cd's Tony, and I must say that your guitar playing skills are phenomenal! Also - great tip for the Strat!

Glyn Jones
just to say, having given the album Gravity Waves a play through  around 3 -4 times now im finding that gravity is pulling me to replay tracks 1-3-4 -9-12. There are some interesting bits and peices in most of the tracks and well worth a listen, good luck with the album. regards G


its really excellent tony the quality outstanding even with the head phones compliments to the bass player its real quality hope it sells well and reaps the rewards it deserves looking forward to any future albums you do


Graham Elks REVIEW of Gravity Waves...

‘Gravity Waves’ From Tony Mckenzie and Alan Bruce is a change of direction from their earlier album ‘Berner Street’ which was a very dark somewhat brutal album, not surprising has it was about Jack the Ripper. .

‘Gravity Waves’ is much more emotional, not surprising in the fact that both of them have come through serious illness recently, its great to see them back! What I like about this album is Tony’ use of Guiatr effects, not over done! just perfect for the songs.and Alan Bruce’s vocals which give the songs a somewhat ‘Wishbone Ash’ sound .

‘Trail of Tears’ as a ‘Bad Company’ style sound thats very atmospheric followed by the funky ‘Taipei Girl’ track 6 is based on ZZ Tops ‘La Grange’ its sounds more original than the original! ‘112’ has a more hard rock feel with a great riff and an even better Guitar solo; ‘Koan’ is my favourite track on the album, it would not sound out of place on a early Santana album, great melody and a smooth sound with a superb Wah solo thrown in there for good measure.

One surprise is the inclusion of a older track ‘Rainy Days’ from one of Tony’s earlier offerings, its one of his best I have always loved it, Great Stuff! If you love Classic Rock played by quality musicians I urge you to buy this album! these are two guys on top of their game after recent health issues, they are back doing what they do best!
Probably the most interesting and most enjoyable album you have done!
not to heavy - more classic rock with some prog overtones in there. Koan is my favourite - great to hear Rainy Days again! one of your best!

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